About Me

Dave Polykoff is the young, determined Tech Entrepreneur who has a talent for making the title “Tech Geek” sound cool.

Dave realized his knack for building businesses and his inclination for technology at an early age, which manifested in the form of secretly selling his discovered Mortal Kombat cheat codes on folded lined paper to his classmates on the playground of his elementary school during recess.

As an adult entrepreneur, Dave Polykoff moved from selling Mortal Kombat cheat codes onto bigger and more exciting ventures. His first and foremost objective to become an amazing entrepreneur was to study and master design: User Experience, Product Design, and User Interface. While he continues to educate himself in all of the newest design innovations, Dave also has an expert level of mastery in Business Development.

The release of new apps, app features, and new innovative products – in addition to big tech company keynotes – are among the things that make Dave happier than Sub-Zero eating an ice cream cone. It’s in the world of Tech Genius that Dave feels most at home, and he enjoys being apart of the elite who are able to change and innovate the future of technology.

The Philadelphia raised, NYC transplant has created countless successful companies. Dave Polykoff acts as CEO and Co-Founder of NewsLauncher and the mobile app Stream, in addition to acting as Co-Founder of the social resume site Completed. As he worked on each company, Dave committed himself to each project 100% and at one point even lived in India for 3 months to oversee the development of a single product.

As Dave Polykoff continues to dominate the tech design and entrepreneurial space, he only has one last word for those who doubt his skills in the tech and entrepreneur arena: Fatality.