Product & Business Ideas

Here’s a collection of product and business ideas that have crossed my mind over the years but probably will never have the time to try out. Who knows, maybe some will inspire you. Let me know if so!

Turn your blog post into a podcast


Takes your RSS and creates audio version

Audio player tech solution

Auto-distributes to SoundCloud, Youtube, Spotify, iTunes, etc

Location directory site that maps out businesses or locations that are good for people to work out of.

Could be entrepreneurs that work from home, students who need to work on a project or study, just need a place to settle in for the day etc

Businesses/locations can offer incentives for the person to come work at their location for the day.

Helps you validate your business ideas

When you have a new idea you add it to the sheet and it goes to work validating the concept

It scores it. Provides pros and cons. Compares it to the rest of your ideas. etc

Create a new “safe space” that states a belief you have that others may disagree with you on / you want to have a productive conversation about.

Then, invite people to it that may disagree with your opinion via Twitter, Facebook, Direct, Email, etc link

Users click on the link and go to a preview page where they can see the details of what the chat’s about.

They can then either just be a spectator to the conversations or they can add themselves to the queue to chat with the person

The first person to get there can immediately start chatting with the person.

If more people show up after that and want to talk with the person, they have to add themselves to the queue.

As the chatters either remove themselves or the chat creator removes them, the people in the queue take their place.

the chat creator can see how many people are in the queue but cannot see who those people are

The people in the queue can see where they are in the queue but not who the other people are in the queue

Future features

Reactions (Like facebook reactions on live videos)

Vote to kick out chatter

V1: Name generation

Type in name and then it…

Looks up whether that name…

– has domain name availability (affiliate play)

– Is trademarked

– Has username availability on popular sites

Name generator based on name you typed in or keywords

V2: Business Idea Generation

Problems That Need Solving




– Biz idea

– Problem being solved

– Target audience

Public Projects

– Follow

– Browse

– Engage

Share Projects for

– Suggestions

– Feedback

– Validation

– Partners

Preview uploaded logo + name on popular sites


Follow Projects

Projects Market

Snackable quick streams of videos, gifs, memes, quotes, etc around a topic

Motivation, Humor, Inspiration, Fear, Humbleness,