The life of an entrepreneur is crazy.  In fact, to be an entrepreneur, you have to be a little crazy.  What person would subject themselves to 14 hour work days?  Risking their entire bank account on the hope that an idea will become priceless. Sacrifice time away from friends and family to dedicate yourself to a life of anxiety and sleep deprivation.

But to be an entrepreneur you also have to believe what you are doing in the world is making it a better one.  That’s exactly why the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation created The Entrepreneur’s Pledge as part of the foundation’s Build a Stronger America movement. It goes a little something like this…

The Entrepreneur’s Pledge

I, Dave Polykoff, am an Entrepreneur. I am following a dream, pursuing an opportunity, taking charge of my own destiny. I am bringing something of value to society, making a job for myself and for others, and creating wealth that benefits my family, my community, my country, my world. I am one of a movement of millions of entrepreneurs and innovators who made America great, and who will continue to keep our economy going…and growing. I am what I am because many people have helped me along on this journey. 


I will tell my story, sharing my successes and failures, so that others taking the entrepreneurial path can learn. I will strive to mentor an aspiring entrepreneur. I will make my voice heard by those who make policy decisions that affect me and my business. I will appreciate and celebrate my accomplishments, and the accomplishments of all my fellow entrepreneurs. I will give back to the society that helped me to be successful. I will Build a Stronger America.

The entrepreneur’s Pledge is not only a motivational statement, but it’s also a way to focus the minds of entrepreneurs in the right direction. It’s a statement to say that I am not here for the betterment of my bank account. But instead the betterment of my community and world around me.  To make a difference does not mean to influence customers, but influence policy makers.  And that’s something every entrepreneur should stand behind.

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Dave Polykoff is a tech enthusiast and entrepreneur located in both Philadelphia and New York. Dave runs multiple tech start ups including,, and