It’s scary. The unknown of starting a new business. Especially when you’ve never started one before. There are so many questions you ask yourself.  I have a sweet idea, but… now what?  What’s the first step? Ugh, how many steps are there? Am I successful yet? Isn’t there some sort of app that will build my business for me? No? But I’m like, SUPER tired!

Taking that first step off the high dive is probably the hardest part. It’s a commitment of time, money and effort. And as a male in his mid-20s, I don’t do well with commitment.  And what about what people will think?  What if people think my idea is dumb? What if it is dumb? Who’s opinion should I trust? Maybe the only person’s opinions I should care about are my own.

That’s where I find myself today.  And that’s why I started this “blog.”  I decided to do the hardest thing in business.  The one thing that deters 99% of great success stories from playing out.  The procrastination killer… I actually got started.

Everybody needs a hobby and I figured I’d pick up another one; publishing. I’ve never been known as the Walt Whitman of my generation by any means, but I figure the best way to get better at something is trial by fire. Or cheat. But in this case, I’ll try out the former.

Selfishly, On The Line was created for my own benefit. It’s mostly about the discovery and discussion around starting and managing your startup business. These are topics I find myself involved with currently. Which leaves me asking myself questions I wish I had the answers to. But I don’t know of an outlet to aid in answering those tough questions with people who can relate to what I’m going through. So that’s why I started On The line.  If you are an aspiring entrepreneur or just really love technology and design, then follow me as I figure out this crazy little thing called “entrepreneurship” (if that is your real name) and hopefully learn along with me.

So here’s how it will work. Every month I’ll be writing around a new theme. Themes will be topics that deal with starting and running a business. From creating an LLC, to hiring employees, to raising money to fund your company. If you haven’t guessed, this month’s theme is centered around: Getting Started.

There are plenty of questions and worries I have myself. But that’s what On The Line is all about.  You get to follow my trials and tribulations and hopefully get some of your questions answered and worries resolved along the way.

I’ll post about 12 articles per month. It will be a mix of articles around the month’s theme (thoughts, discussions, interviews, research) and stories on what’s going on in the world of technology, entrepreneurship and design.

I encourage you to voice your thoughts and questions in the comments below. I want posts to be an open forum for discussion.  Also, use the follow links in the footer to get up-to-date notifications when a new post goes live or follow me on Twitter at @DavePoly for more of my micro thoughts and ramblings.

I never thought something could feel so fun and yet so terrifying at the same time. But if On The Line can inspire just one person to get started this month, well, then I can call this a success.



Dave Polykoff is a tech enthusiast and entrepreneur located in both Philadelphia and New York. Dave runs multiple tech start ups including,, and