I spent time with Ron Gamble from Fallout hobbies to discuss how he started and successfully funded his Kickstarter campaign.  Check out some of Ron’s highlight quotes from the interview below…

“This is a company that is a very niche service, that offers custom decals, and predesigned decals, to people who are really in to table-top war games and in to making miniature plastic models.”

“It’s something that I knew years ago that I had the talent to do something with that’s profitable.”

“I’m the customer base. If I think it’s cool, other people are going to think it’s cool.  When I’m designing these projects i’m thinking “Man this is cool. I’d buy this!”

“Probably about 1/3 of all my Kickstarter donations has come through just reaching people on Facebook.”

“I’m going to half steer it, and half let the waves take me where they want to take me.”

“A huge part of the reason I wanted to do it [start the Kickstarter campaign] is because of my family.”

“It isn’t about money. And a lot of entrepreneurs say that, but I think a lot of entrepreneurs are bullsh*tting people because it really is about money for a lot of entrepreneurs. But for me… it’s really not about money.”

“Can you do it? Do you think you can do it? Can you deal with the failure? Can you deal with the success?”


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