Over the past few weeks I’ve been experimenting with a handful of social media post tools to help increase engagement on a handful of the brands that I manage on Facebook. It was tough to find the right tools because there’s so many out there but it was more so about finding the right tool for social versus just a generic content creation or video editing tool.

What I was most concerned about was finding a video editing tool that allows you to create square videos. Square videos are so important for Facebook because they are the best format for social and mobile and they get the highest engagement. But it’s tough to find a video editor online that works within a square video format versus the landscape videos we typically see.

What I was also looking for was the ability to really customize the video with different graphics, text, animations, coloring, etc. so that I could fit my style and branding to the video versus looking overly generic like every other video or image that you see online.

After some due diligence I stumbled upon three very amazing social media video and image editing tools that I’d like to share with you today. These allow me to customize the video with text, graphics, coloring, and even a soundtrack. Here are a few examples of those social tools that I found and examples of the videos and imagery that I was able to create through them in just under 10 minutes each.


#3 Animoto

Animoto is an awesome web app. They just recently launch the ability to create square videos focused more on how they would be presented on platforms like Instagram or Facebook versus a horizontal video that maybe would be suited for YouTube. The reason I love Animoto is because of its customization, it’s set templates, and it’s free audio soundtracks.

Here is an example video I’ve created through Animoto.

#2 Flyr

The Flyr app was specifically designed for mobile. More specifically it was designed to allow content creators to design their own Instagram and Snapchat stories posts. Snapchat has its Discover page where big publishers like BuzzFeed, Vice, and Business Insider create very engaging, and professional looking vertical videos to tell news and stories.

This is actually a unique scenario where the app creates vertical video by default but then allows you to edit the format of the video into a square video for Facebook and Instagram.

Here’s an example video that came from Flyr…


#1 Legend

This app is really cool because it takes your text and animates it into these fun, short animated text videos. The best part about it is there’s about 16 to 18 different variations of text animations that Legend provides you. Each animation is really sleek looking and fun to begin with but then you can customize it a bit by changing the background and text colors or changing the look all together with flashing animations.

Here’s an example of a video I created through the Legend app…​


Dave Polykoff is a tech enthusiast and entrepreneur located in both Philadelphia and New York. Dave runs multiple tech start ups including NewsLauncher.com, Completed.com, and TheStreamApp.com.