Oops! Looks like Snapchat made an uh-oh on one of their latest updates (V9.1) to the beloved ephemeral photo and video sharing app. In the latest release of Snapchat, we saw some huge leaps forward for the app including the ability to more easily add friends and Discover: Snapchat’s first-ever news and information feeds supplied every 24 hours.

So what’s got everybody so upset?  Well, within the update, Snapchat also made some huge leaps backward. First, they moved your friends list.  Now you have to swipe down from your camera view to view and add friends. But more importantly, they removed the ability to see your friend’s “Best Friends” list and “Score.”

Apparently, as you used Snapchat it kept track of your most frequent friends that you interacted with and displayed their usernames for others to see.  This way curious friends or stalker girlfriends can keep tabs on who you are sending your selfies to.

Who cares, right? Well apparently everyone.  Snapchat’s rating in the iOS App Store dropped to a measly 2 out of 5 stars from the backlash of removing these features.









I understand. Though things like Best Friends and “scores” were small and trivial features to Snapchat, they were peoples most used trivial features.  People don’t like change.  So how did the face and CEO of Snapchat respond to this update criticism? With a “JK, we’re bringing it back soon” tweet. Smooth Evan. Smooth.


But in the end, everybody will get over it with time just like they got over every time Facebook changed its layout. Remember those days?  It was like you snuck in at night and rearranged the furniture in their house or something. Anyway, it will be interesting to see if Snapchat ever does bring back those features. In the meantime, girlfriends will need to stick to hiding in the bushes to keep an eye on their boyfriends.


Dave Polykoff is a tech enthusiast and entrepreneur located in both Philadelphia and New York. Dave runs multiple tech start ups including NewsLauncher.com, Completed.com, and TheStreamApp.com.